What People are saying about ‘A Case for the 12 Hour Sabbath’ (MM)

Excerpt from an email:

“We are happy to let you know we have started a 12hr Sabbath group… and about 15 people attended for the first time. I lead bible class using article “A case for the 12 hour Sabbath”.  In support of article I printed in your website. The whole class is interested with the topic generally and I was asked many questions and I answered in the bible. Those attended have various denominational backgrounds including Catholic, SDA and Pentecostal church.
We will be meeting every week here…”

To see what other people are saying on this site, scroll down to the bottom of this page and then click on “Older Posts” for more comments or click on the link below to find additional testimonies on our main study site: http://www.12hoursabbath.com/page2.php#WhatPeopleSay







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