Concordance Definitions

The Guideposts Family Concordance gives some very good definitions on words related to the Biblical “day”:

Day:  “the time between sunup and sundown” (The daylight – Genesis 1:5, 16) (12 hours – John 11:9) (Opposite of night – Mark 5:5)

Dawn:  “the break of day” (Worked from – Nehemiah  4:21) (Joshua  6:15)

Dayspring:  “dawn or sunrise” (Job  38:12)

Morning: “the first part of the day” (Early risers – Judges 19:5, 8)

Noon:  “midday” (2Samuel 4:5)

Evening: “last hours of sunlight” (Meditation – Genesis 24:63)

Sun:  “the luminous solar body that provides light and heat for the earth” (Made to rule – Genesis 1:16)

The Guideposts Family Concordance to the Bible, copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc., Publishers



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